Explainer Videos

Type: Vector Based

Client: Leap Training

In this role as a 2D character animator I was assigned the task of breathing life and making learning more engaging. These animations supplemented learning material to facilitate different styles of learning by students. I would liaise with the Learning Instruction to produce a storyboard on which I would base my animation from. Characters were rigged and animated within After Effects with V/O and SFX being added in later. Multiple of these explainer videos were produced a day.

Google For
Hong Kong

Type: Presentation

Client: Google

Team: Evolved Group

Role: Motion Graphic Designer

For this project I worked remotely from Melbourne while the team travelled to Hong Kong. Illustrations were created by the graphic designers which I later animated for holding loops and speaker titles. Primary software used was After Effects.

Mazda 3 Launch

Type: Projection Mapping

Client: Mazda Australia

Team: Evolved Group

In the multi faceted role of project manager, art director and motion designer, we built a story and design that brought the Mazda 3 to life. The goal was to build suspense approaching the reveal of the new car for that year. As a team we created all assets, as well as mapping those assets to the car on stage. From our backstage desk, we controlled the switching of assets live while the audience watched on. 

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