CATastrophe Game Assets

These assets are just some of a vast amount of assets created for an unreleased mobile game. The theme are all assets was 'cats' with a hint of humour thrown in. The colour palette consisted of 4 main colours which can be seen on the one asset on the right. Each section of the game took on one of these 4 colours to differentiate itself.

Type: Mobile App

Client: Odaptiv Studios

Odaptiv Studios Re-branding

Type: Branding

Client: Odaptiv Studios

My brand was designed back in 2014 and was in desperate need of a re-branding. This involved me researching modern brands and what they used to stand out and be successful. I liked the idea of symmetry and geometry, and having the logo come from withing the brand name, and that is where I designed the arrows. Several versions of the logo were created for use on different media, as well as best practices. Visby and Montserrat were choses as the primary and secondary font respectively. The design of this brand is an ever evolving project that continues today.

Patreon Perk Banners

Type: Advertisement

Client: Odaptiv Studios

These unused assets were created as a fun way to differentiate levels within the Patreon tier system. As you go up the tiers, the 'pizzas' effectively become more loaded. Designed within Adobe Illustrator they all used the same basic concept with little adjustments.

Gaming Channel
Logo Creation

Type: Logo Design

I was tasked with concepting and updating logos that would be used for a video game group on their social media pages. They came to me with a basic brief to which we had a discussion to narrow down their idea of what they wanted. I designed a few different concepts for them from which they chose one for further refinement. 

Client: Multiple

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