A passion project dabbling in photography, game design, app development, motion graphics, and 3D has quickly become so much more. My skillset is forever adapting. Odaptiv was formed in early 2015 as a vehicle in which these endeavours could reach a wider audience.
A 90’s kids at heart, I’m are obsessed with anything from that era. It’s in my blood, I grew up with it. Design that was vomit-inducing back then is now my bread and butter, and a base from which I start. The 90’s were full of excitement, experimentation, and exaggeration, and that is what I try to capture in my work.

All about 


All about 


Wherever and whenever I can, I like to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but don’t mind flashing custom firmware to older gadgets to bring new life into them, Macguyver has nothing on me! You can usually find me trawling subreddits like Arctic fisherman looking for the next catch of inspiration.

I collab with everybody and anybody who has passion and a creative mindset. From Indonesia, to Serbia, and in my own backyard. Nothing is greater than when two creative mindsets collide.

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